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About Me

Dhruvesh Panchal is an impressive individual, embodying both technical expertise and a strong ethical compass in the realm of cybersecurity. Starting his journey as a hacker at the age of 13 demonstrates his innate talent and curiosity in the field.

His academic achievements, including completing a course on hacking from Gujarat University as a gold medalist, underline his dedication and proficiency in cybersecurity. Moreover, his commitment to spreading awareness about cyber threats among school children through campaigns and seminars showcases his desire to empower the next generation with knowledge and skills to navigate the digital world safely.

Dhruvesh’s approach as an ethical hacker, focusing on identifying vulnerabilities and offering solutions, reflects his commitment to enhancing cybersecurity practices and ensuring a safer online environment for individuals and organizations alike. His overarching goal of safeguarding the future generation highlights his altruistic motives and his vision for a better tomorrow.

In essence, Dhruvesh Panchal serves as a role model not only for aspiring hackers but for anyone invested in promoting cybersecurity and fostering a more secure digital landscape for future generations.

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Founder & CEO of Selkey Cyber Security Pvt. Ltd.

Ethical Hacker | ISO27001:2013 Lead Auditor | Cyber Security Expert |

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